Here are some other interesting people around the internet:

  • scifiwench – a new blog about the science fiction genre and women’s interaction with it, written by an astrophysics enthusiast with a penchant for creative writing. With bonus original fiction!
  • Always Something – aesthetics and activism, written by the only self-described activist I know who actually follows through with local politics to get things done.
  • the pocket house – a personal and writing blog by the great Melissa Dominic, a bilingual speculative fiction author and poet.
  • Joseph Dante – the writing blog of a poet and fiction author from South Florida. I’m starting to think all the coolest literary types are Floridian.
  • Cheesy Does It – Self-described as “culinary wizardry, peppered with journalism, fried with adventure.” A food and travel blog written by an Arts & Entertainment journalist living in Massachusetts.

This list will continue expanding. Please send me recommendations!