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Shannon Does The 10 Books Meme

Over on tumblr, there’s a meme floating around that asks each participant to list ten books that have affected or stuck with the writer in some way, and to explain what it is and why. It’s definitely one of the more labor intensive memes out there, but I will go to strenuous effort to avoid doing work, and it ended up being surprisingly rewarding. I liked it enough that I wanted to include the list here as well.

So here we are: 10 books that were important to me for various reasons, in no particular order other than my own circuitous thought patterns. Since this isn’t tumblr, I won’t bother tagging anyone, but it would be great if you could share your important books in the comments, or on your own blog.

Genre Shenanigans and the YA Craze

Photo of a bookshelf

Book Store in Kabul (5274518186)” by Peretz Partensky from San Francisco, USA – Book Store in Kabul Uploaded by russavia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Earlier today (a week ago, by the time this is posted) I had a rather interesting conversation with writing friends Tatiana and Melissa Dominic. Tatiana had mentioned her frustration with the combined shelving of YA, NA, and adult fiction in bookstores. Now, I’ll admit I didn’t actually know that NA was even a thing, and there’s some debate as to how much of a “thing” it actually is.  This link, kindly provided by Melissa, does a pretty good job of explaining it, but from what I gather, New Adult is essentially YA lit aimed at college students, with similar structure and pacing, but with more mature subject matter and material, usually dealing with the looming specter of adulthood lying in wait just beyond graduation.

While my first instinct was to write the whole thing off (after all, it seems to be unique to St. Martin’s Press, and thus strikes me as the literary equivalent of Hallmark’s Sweetest Day) I have to admit that I do remember wishing for something along these lines, before I had developed the inevitable literary snobbery that comes with being a 20-year-old student of writing and philosophy at a private northeastern liberal arts college.